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General Terms and Conditions

inTime Express Logistik GmbH only works in accordance with the latest version of the contractual terms for companies involved in the transportation of goods by road, freight forwarding and logistics VBGL-  (PDF, 388 KB).

The Convention on the Contract for the International Carriage of Goods by Road (CMR) is the contractual basis for cross-border shipments. (PDF, 823 KB)


Air transportations are liable to the provisions of the Montreal accommodation (MUE). By paragraph 31 of the VBGL, not our accountability, even not our attribution to a default for vicarious liability deviant to the accommodation of Montreal in favor to the customer will be expanded.


In case of, that the dispatching country and the country of destination aren’t contracting states of the MUE, the regulations of the warsaw convention in the version of The Haager protocol will find his application.

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