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Next-generation battery transportation

Alternative drivetrains will dominate the future of mobility. One of the biggest players in road transportation will be hydrogen-based energy. It is already in widespread use in local public transit systems, while batteries supply the energy needed by today’s electric cars. But how exactly does the recycling of this energy storage system work in practice? Munich start-up LiBCycle is developing an answer to that very question. Read more

New software for the networked fleet

The express logistics company inTime is investing in its own vehicle fleet. The company continues on the path it has embarked on a few years ago. Starting this year, the company will use a new fleet software to control all inTime vehicles. All in the spirit of digitalisation. Read more

Where have all the drivers gone?

Logistics companies in the road freight sector are facing one of their most defining challenges: the shortage of skilled workers behind truck steering wheels. inTime, an express logistics company, has analyzed the problem and turned the spotlight on possible solutions. The company's managing director, Gerd Röttger, talks about this issue in a guest essay in Deutsche Verkehrszeitung (DVZ), a German weekly on logistics and transportation, as part of a special publication on the transport logistic trade fair. Read more

Brexit Info

Täglich erreichen uns unerwartete Informationen bezüglich eines möglichen Brexits Read more

inTime expands pan-European network

inTime prides itself on always supplying customers with the right logistics solutions for their unique transportation challenges – a promise encapsulated in its slogan, “agile logistics”. Read more

Done with the move!

Moving involves special challenges, as anyone who has relocated will attest. Want to move into your own home? Read more

Platform or in-house assets – that is the question

The year is drawing to a close. That's always a perfect time to look back – and to look ahead to the next twelve months. How will inTime position itself for the years to come? What changes are coming to logistics? How can a holistic view of the supply chain drive economic growth for the Isernhagen-based company? Read more

Nothing works without logistics

German industry faces serious challenges: The economy is cooling down. Trade wars, tariffs and Brexit threaten to undermine global economic growth. Innovations based on digitalization and Industry 4.0 have to be smoothly incorporated into processes that have evolved over years, if not decades. Read more

Brexit Info

Dear Customer, On a daily basis we are receiving unexpected information regarding the possible Brexit. Read more
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