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Platform or in-house assets – that is the question

20.12.2019 - The year is drawing to a close. That's always a perfect time to look back – and to look ahead to the next twelve months. How will inTime position itself for the years to come? What changes are coming to logistics? How can a holistic view of the supply chain drive economic growth for the Isernhagen-based company?

Gerd Röttger, the managing director of the express logistics provider, answered questions about these issues at his corporate headquarters. The questions were posed by Carla Westerheide, a reporter for DVZ, a Hamburg-based publication on traffic and transportation. The logistics expert’s answers are crystal-clear: “We need companies that provide vehicles. The ones that can provide vehicles will ultimately win the race.” That is why inTime will be investing in its own assets and adding new trucks to its fleet. At the same time, it will be strengthening the in-house platform that inTime uses to manage its transportation services. It will be refining and advancing its own homespun IT solutions for subcontractors and customers. Finally, inTime – working together with the TLT Group in southern Germany – will be pushing ahead with the end-to-end management of customer supply chains. “We’re seeing more outsourcing. OEM manufacturers and their suppliers want to put their logistics processes in good hands: from consulting on innovative solutions to managing the individual links in the supply chain to transporting the actual shipments,” continued Röttger. The entire interview is available here.  

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