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Done with the move!

23.01.2020 - Moving involves special challenges, as anyone who has relocated will attest. Want to move into your own home?

First, you find a site, which excavators will have to clear and grade before contractors can roll up their sleeves and get to work. Next, you plan, plan, plan, and then you pack all your worldly possessions into a moving truck. This basic template is followed by nearly everyone who feels the need to pull up sticks and seek a new abode – including companies such as inTime Express Logistik GmbH. After a year and a half of planning, inTime has moved to a new location in Röttenbach, a town located around 40 kilometers southeast from its old facility in Nuremberg-Feucht. “We had called Greater Nuremberg our home for many years. We can't say that we don't feel a little wistful saying goodbye,” said Branch Office Manager Nadine König. However, there was one truth the logistics professionals could not ignore: The company's infrastructure in Feucht was bursting at the seams.


The new site offers much more room for future growth. In Röttenbach, the logistics service provider can spread out over 10,000 square meters of logistics space – including a 1,500 square meter cross-docking facility. That is three times the capacity of the old site. In addition, the express logistics provider is celebrating a small premiere: Röttenbach is the first location with special docks that can accommodate trucks weighing as much as 40 metric tons. “We’re investing in more than our branch offices and staff development; we’re also investing an in-house fleet of large semi-trailers,” reported inTime Managing Director Gerd Röttger. “Röttenbach is an important part of our growth strategy in the freight forwarding business.” The company manages its customers’ transportation processes in southern Germany, Italy, Austria and Eastern Europe from Bavaria. The new building is one of the company’s largest investments in recent memory. Together, casa Baubetreuung and inTime have invested a total of EUR 6.5 million in land and buildings. inTime is not just adding space. It is adding personnel, too. “We want to increase our local workforce, too,” explained König. The company is relying heavily on vocational training programs for business specialists in logistics and freight forwarding. However, inTime is not just seeking young people looking to start a career. It is also in the market for seasoned professionals in areas such as order processing, dispatching, warehousing, forklift operation and truck driving.






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