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New software for the networked fleet

19.05.2021 - The express logistics company inTime is investing in its own vehicle fleet. The company continues on the path it has embarked on a few years ago. Starting this year, the company will use a new fleet software to control all inTime vehicles. All in the spirit of digitalisation.

Road freight transport is an important pillar of logistics. A large proportion of goods and commodities moved nationally and across Europe complete at least part of their journey on a truck. Many factors influence the processes of freight forwarders and carriers in order to offer customers fast, safe transports at fair prices. "We are therefore also investing in our own assets in the coming financial year, adding new vehicles to the fleet," Gerd Röttger, Managing Director of inTime explains. "In doing so, we trust on a different trend than, for example, purely digital haulage companies, which have become market companions in recent years. For our flexible services, however, it is essential to be able to use a variety of our own vehicles with specialised professional drivers," Gerd Röttger continues. inTime relies on a new fleet software to control the fleet processes, from Sprinters to tractor units with mega-trailers. "Our software has to be able to do innovative things. That's why we are integrating it into our digitalisation strategy," explains André Streuter. He is the head of fleet controlling and thus has an overview of the approximately 200 vehicles from the truck and car sector at inTime.

For the fleet software, the logistics professionals worked together with the software provider Loom Technologies to adapt its Cartright programme to individual needs. The software allows the mapping of all data of the inTime vehicles that are important for transport. "All elementary data of the vehicles can be found in a digital vehicle file. The expiry date of the fire extinguishers up to the due date of the next general inspection can be displayed. Depending on the event, the software can also automatically schedule an appointment if necessary. The fleet software will be able to interact with almost all of our inTime programmes via interfaces," Streuter continues. In addition, inTime can use the application to create complete reports, for example on the energy consumption of a vehicle. "This makes us more efficient when it comes to environmental protection. Automatic data transmission via telematics from the vehicles, combined with the evaluation of fuel receipts, enables us to calculate the variable costs down to the last kilometre," says the commercial fleet manager. This results in adjusting screws in energy and cost management. "We can quickly and automatically calculate what the kilometre is currently costing the customer. We developed this process ourselves in a joint venture with the reporting professionals from Trusted Decision," adds Gerd Röttger. An APP for staff is currently being developed. This can be used, for example, to conduct training or instruction in several languages. The employee then immediately receives a certificate on the app and in the personnel file. In addition, drivers can document the departure check directly via the app and upload any damage reports including photos. Almost all processes are to be digitally mapped and processed in real time, thus creating a fast response time.





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