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How to use inTime Live?
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You can find a manual here.

Why should I register my email-address?
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Your email address is the basis for every communication from our web portal. Only when it is saved in our system, you will be able e.g. to send a tracking-link.

Why don't I get a summarized overview before I send my order?
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Because during the creation of the order you always have a full overview of your input. While entering the order in any step you can always scroll higher and look up data you already entered. So an extra overview is not necessary.

Why can't I send a tracking-link?
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It is possible that you haven't provided us any email address or the one we got is invalid.

Why there aren't all of my orders shown in my order-overview?
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In the order-overview you can see a period of thirty days. It doesn't matter when this period was/is. Longer periods can be chosen in the statistics-module.

Why are my addresses shown multiple times?
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In this case in the past you might have saved addresses several times. Over the button “Your addresses” you can fix it and e.g. erase duplicated data. Of course, you also can edit faulty addresses. This is how you keep your address-book fast and clear.

Why can't I find an address with the “search” function?
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Using the address search you can look for customers on the basis of fragments of an address. It doesn't matter whether you use letters or numbers, because all columns are browsed for the wished terms. If you don't get any results, it means that currently no address exists with the used fragments.

Why does my transport order including dangerous goods must be checked in advance?
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Due to the many special requirements which are necessary for dangerous goods transports, we are forced to check the order before the execution. In this case you will of course be competently advised by our Customer Service department.

Why does my transport including customs relevant dutiable goods must be checked in advance?
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Due to many special features which must be observed in this case, our Customer Service department will contact you immediately, because among other things we have to clarify the type of customs procedures and check your desired times of e.g. arrival.

Why does my transport including Temperature sensitive goods must be checked in advance?
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Due to many special requirements which must be observed during a transport of temperature sensitive goods, our specialists for refrigerated transports will contact you immediately. This includes the verification of the kind of the transport and the possibilities in view to the desired times e.g. for the delivery.    

Why am I not able to create an order?
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In this case your account is not unlocked for creation of orders. To change this setting you may get in touch with our sales department by mail under or via the contact form.

Why can't the system find my order number?
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If you are looking for a certain order and you can't find it under the order management window in the box “Order-no.”, this could have two reasons: Firstly it may be that the order doesn't exist. Secondly it is absolutely necessary that you enter the complete order number, including every letter and number. A search by fragments is in this case not possible.

Why are there several order numbers shown for one transport in the order overview?
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If there are multiple numbers connected to one transport, it means that the shipment includes more than one loading respectively unloading points. It could be that the shipment contains shipments from one consignor for several consignees.

What does “in dispatching” mean?
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In this case your order has been successfully transferred into our system and is processed by our dispatching department. The order has not been loaded yet, but there might be a vehicle scheduled. You can find this information in the details of your order.

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